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Six Months In

November 15, 2007

I’m now six months into my account planning career. And as you can see, I haven’t had time to post anything here in… well.. six months. Need I say more?

But in all honesty, being busy is great. The longer I’m here, the more I get to come into work every morning feeling important and like I’m contributing to really good work being done. Also, the days fly by much faster. I don’t miss those long intern days staring at reports and the same computer screen for hours on end whatsoever.

I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with lots of teams here at the agency so far, and I’ve learned and taken something from, I feel, everyone I’ve met here. Whether that’s learning to talk slower, think longer, take risks, or just have more fun. Everybody has helped me grow and get more from my job, even indirectly.

I wore a jacket for the first time in Dallas today. Coats and Texas go together like oil and water in my mind, so it’s a bizarre concept to me. I’m adjusting.

So glad I made the decision to pull myself out of the interview loop at other agencies and come straight here after graduating. I’m getting to do the work of a real planner right off the bat, and I still have time (most days) to enjoy life and explore Dallas.

It’s amazing what you find and can take from even the most simple of situations. For example, a few weeks ago a man was broken down on the road outside of work, and asked for some gas money. A lifelong believer in karma, I gave him five dollars. The next day, I learned that this guy does this every week, and it’s practically how he makes a living. I guess I just trust and have too much faith in people… and I’ve learned this in my job too, even through little things like over-estimating people and their ability to tell the truth in getting through a focus group screener. What can I say? I’m learning.

There have been great little moments of learning too. I took a weekend trip to New Orleans with a friend a few months ago, and on the plane, was reminded of this beautiful concept of diversity- something I’ve kind of missed since the college days. We hit massive turbulence on the plane… there was a very, very bad storm. We ultimately ended up turning around and flying back to Dallas because we couldn’t decend in the storm. But by that time we were in the eye of it, the plane was crashing against pockets of air and the the effect was like a slow jackhammer coming down on us… we were probably dropping a hundred feet at a time over and over. It was bad… people were holding onto the ceiling and their armrests like a roller coaster bar. Anyway, a girl two rows in front of us just completely lost it- crying hysterically saying we were going to die and how she knew she shouldn’t have got on this plane. Well, in her row was (and I’m not making this up) a nun, a punk teenager, a large black woman, a gay guy, and a cowboy. Every one of them was consoling her in their own way. It was fascinating to see the mechanisms each person chose to try and rectify the situation. Ultimately though, I was less interested in each person’s effectiveness in calming the hysterical girl as I was in how a person in distress created a dynamic in which the diverse indentities worked together to form a family for this girl- they were all she had, and it was like the differences didn’t matter becuase they couldn’t. Nobody could leave or do anything about the situation, and they were stuck next to each other anyway. I wish those of us on the ground viewed human diversity in a more similar fashion.

That’s all for now.


I’m Coming Back to TRG!

April 16, 2007

A few days ago I accepted a full-time position as an account planner at The Richards Group. Words can’t describe how anxious I am to get started. I just have to graduate and move to Texas first! Here is a photo I took of myself in my “approved by Stan” tee-shirt. Note the snow outside in April… I won’t miss that at all!

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Baal Dan on YouTube

January 4, 2007

So it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged on here, but there are new videos on youtube of the street children in India that Baal Dan was able to help. They’re just amazing. To see a lost child at a train station that nobody was claiming- to see people just walk by as if this were a normal part of everyday life is really unbelievable. I also really like the one of the zoo- look closely into the children’s eyes as they see such large animals so close up for the first time. I really appreciated seeing these videos and I hope whoever reads this does do. (Click this text to be taken to the videos). baaldanyoutube.jpg

Refuse to Choose!

September 23, 2006


While I’m currently in the middle of reading 4 specifically advertising/planning related books, I just finished reading “Refuse to Choose!” by Barbara Sher.  Sher identifies people with multiple, passionate interests as “scanners”- while these people often feel misguided or not able to fall into one path of pursuing something, Sher believes this is actually a gift that can make life most interesting.  I personally fit most into the “serial specialist” type of scanner.  This book really reiterated that I can do many fun things in the world of advertising, since it is so limitless in what it can do and who it can reach.  I really recommend this book.  More info and really insightful posts can be found on Sher’s message boards at

I Found My Camera!

September 8, 2006

Great News- I found my camera the other day and the last pictures from Dallas are not lost! Here they are:

My pod:

Lynn and Slava:

The Interns:

Last Intern Lunch:

Back in Syracuse

August 25, 2006

I’ve been so busy getting settled back into my parents house in Rochester and then moving back to Syracuse that I haven’t even had time to post.  The flight back from Dallas was crazy, with the new regulations on carry-on baggage.  Plus, they weighed my bags, and each was around 80 lbs (there’s a 50 lb limit per bag apparently-either I’ve never had them weighed before or I’ve never packed this much!).  So there I was sitting in DFW airport repacking my bags and throwing things away in the middle of the airport. Kind of a late spring cleaning.  Anything to save another $100 going to the airline.

I was very much looking forward to posting more pictures from the last few days in Dallas (lunch with my pod, etc.), but I’ve lost my camera.  I think it’s in my parents house somewhere.  We’ll hope I didn’t throw it away in the DFW airport (in which case, I should’ve just paid the hundred bucks).

I’m trying to update my website too, but the server is down and I can’t make any changes.  So I’m at a standstill online right now, but I will keep posting here as I know I have some loyal fans out there!  Look how many hits I have!  (OK, so half of them are me, but that’s still not bad).


One week left.

August 5, 2006

These are some amazing people, and I will miss them.  I wish we all could just stay here, but we’re from all over and at different places in our lives and careers.  I am thankful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with the other interns at The Richards Group.  I have learned from and been inspired by each of them, and I wish them all the best.

I can’t believe that this internship will be over in a week.  I will definitely return to my final year of college having learned a lot and having lots of stories to tell.  And you know what- that’s a lot more than a lot of interns my age at other agencies can say, so to TRG and everyone else who helped make my summer awesome, thanks.