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Refuse to Choose!

September 23, 2006


While I’m currently in the middle of reading 4 specifically advertising/planning related books, I just finished reading “Refuse to Choose!” by Barbara Sher.  Sher identifies people with multiple, passionate interests as “scanners”- while these people often feel misguided or not able to fall into one path of pursuing something, Sher believes this is actually a gift that can make life most interesting.  I personally fit most into the “serial specialist” type of scanner.  This book really reiterated that I can do many fun things in the world of advertising, since it is so limitless in what it can do and who it can reach.  I really recommend this book.  More info and really insightful posts can be found on Sher’s message boards at


I Found My Camera!

September 8, 2006

Great News- I found my camera the other day and the last pictures from Dallas are not lost! Here they are:

My pod:

Lynn and Slava:

The Interns:

Last Intern Lunch: