Back in Syracuse

I’ve been so busy getting settled back into my parents house in Rochester and then moving back to Syracuse that I haven’t even had time to post.  The flight back from Dallas was crazy, with the new regulations on carry-on baggage.  Plus, they weighed my bags, and each was around 80 lbs (there’s a 50 lb limit per bag apparently-either I’ve never had them weighed before or I’ve never packed this much!).  So there I was sitting in DFW airport repacking my bags and throwing things away in the middle of the airport. Kind of a late spring cleaning.  Anything to save another $100 going to the airline.

I was very much looking forward to posting more pictures from the last few days in Dallas (lunch with my pod, etc.), but I’ve lost my camera.  I think it’s in my parents house somewhere.  We’ll hope I didn’t throw it away in the DFW airport (in which case, I should’ve just paid the hundred bucks).

I’m trying to update my website too, but the server is down and I can’t make any changes.  So I’m at a standstill online right now, but I will keep posting here as I know I have some loyal fans out there!  Look how many hits I have!  (OK, so half of them are me, but that’s still not bad).


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