Baal Dan has officially been Spherically Branded.

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We presented our intern project this week, and it went really well. I’m glad I decided to take this on, even though sometimes I thought it was too much in addition to everything else I’m doing. But it turned out that this helped me in everythinig else I’m doing here. We were briefed, and then worked really hard for 2 weeks, sometimes staying late into the evening to really understand the Spherical branding process by trial and error. Then, finally presenting it and coming full circle with our combined thought processes, I realized that this process is a balancing act. How much does what we think matter vs. what the client thinks? At what point can you say you buy more into one idea than other when working with a very diverse team?

Ultimately though, I walk away feeling totally empowered to do this again and again, which is good. I wanted to be involved in this in the first place for two reasons. One was to learn and gain experience, and the other was to help Tanya and help Baal Dan. And I think thanks to our combined efforts, I got both. And Tanya now has a vision for Baal Dan: feeding the needs of children in poverty.

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One Comment on “Baal Dan has officially been Spherically Branded.”

  1. Jo Says:

    Congratulations Brian! You must be busy…that’s why you seemingly fell of the face of the earth 😉

    But it’s ok, I know I’ve been really busy too – hopefully we can hang again before you move or before I head to CA, have a great weekend!

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