Sorry all- my update is long overdue! What a great week this has been. The internship seems to get better each week. Tuesday was the 30th anniversary of The Richards Group. In addition to going to the Rough Riders minor league baseball game to celebrate, we all had a giant meeting where Stan talked about the unique profit-sharing program that TRG offers. Some creatives put together a hilarious video to introduce it- including images of everyone who works at the agency floating around dollar bills. Plus, everyone got Stan Richards bobble-head dolls to take home, and seriously, what’s better than a Stan Richards bobble-head doll? I’ve been so busy working on research, a SWOT analysis, and other things that lead to the Spherical Branding session for uControl, the brand I’m working on, that I’ve not been able to update my blog as much as I’d like to. Jason (the planning group head I’m working with) pointed this out to me today. He would also like (I think) to be on here more. So I’m going to make an effort to include more updates on what I’m doing at The Richards Group and who I’m working with.

Every day is so exciting- it’s been a balancing act recently between working on creative briefs and message strategy research for uControl, with the intern project on Baal Dan, which I talked about in a previous blog entry. Temple Ruff (another planning intern) and I are leading a team of interns who are working hard every day to put together a spherical branding presentation and workshop for this pro-bono client, which happens to be led by Tanya Pinto, who works in band management (an AE) on Nortel. She sits right next to me. More updates on our progress will come. I actually had the opportunity to do a group interview over dinner with Tanya, two of her friends who have given to Baal Dan and helped her direct it with ideas, and two interns working on our team: Zac Pritchett and Rachel Brooks. Pictures appear below.

You know, If I could put video clips of me running around all day, that would be awesome. I’m making new connections all the time. In fact, yesterday I had lunch with Katey Porter, who was a Stickell Intern last year. Katey now works at TRG in brand management on Home Depot. Kind of encouraging to see someone who was more or less in my place a year ago with a dream job sitting about 30 feet away from me. Oh, and lastly, and I promise I’m almost done, WE WON BRIDGESTONE/FIRESTONE! We have been waiting for this for awhile- sitting next to Klaire Hensley (who works on new business here) and also trying to get more involved in new business projects here, I know how hard they’ve worked and how much we deserved their business, and now we have it. Stan called us all together for a stairwell yesterday to tell us the good news, and to share the giant baskets of fruit that Bridgestone sent for us. That exitement of standing in that stairwell and the anticipation that lead to it… that was one of the coolest things I’ve seen here so far. Kind of makes me consider starting out in new business when I graduate vs. planning… but they go so hand in hand, I think it’s a good thing to think about. That’s all for now…. stay tuned!

The Stan Richards bobble-head doll we all got (we got tee-shirts too!)

At the Rough Riders baseball game

How many baseball stadiums have swimming pools in them? Welcome to Texas!

The Rough Riders mascot

How do you celebrate your agency’s 30th anniversary? With an inflatable horse race of it’s employees, of course!

Can I just please say how cool and strangely fulfilling to see your brand’s advertising front and center? (I help plan for MetroPCS). It’s kind of like seeing your child on stage at the talent show or seeing a family member on the news- you just get excited in a personal way about it.

This is Charles, Tanya’s friend who supports Baal Dan and helped us by doing the group interview.

This is Christine, who like Charles, supports Baal Dan and helped us with an interview. She used to work in TRG, but now works for a prominent local nonprofit client.

And here’s the whole gang! Going counter-clockrise around the table, there is Christine, Rachel, Tanya, Charles, Zac, and me.

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