On the flight to Dallas

So I knew this was going to be an eye opening trip as soon as the woman two seats over from me started pulling giant hunks of freeze dried beef out of her duffel bag and showing it off to the surrounding passengers. As she held up the meat and explained where she got each chunk of tenderloin, sirloin, etc., strangers started piping in and sooner or later, a big dinner was being planned for new friends later that evening. No joke. A stark contrast from the flight out of Rochester which was silent except for a few baby cries and the flight crew's safety speech.

A view from the plane during flight. If only I had thought to take a picture of the frozen beef.

This, I thought, was indicative of some fairly well thought out media planning. I'm assuming the ad for the Chicago premium outlets isn't on all diet pepsi cans. My guess is its either specially made for flights in or out of Chicago or that its available anywhere in the Chicago area. If my first guess is true, however, I wonder how many people flying out of Chicago actually keep their can until the next time they fly back there just to go to the outlets and receive the coupon book? For someone like myself who didn't have room to fit anything else into my crammed bags, there was no chance of this happening. Unless maybe, they had put a specific and impressive percentage off that the coupon gave you. Then I might consider it. Regardless, this was, if nothing more, at least more entertaining than a regular diet coke can, and I now know that there exists an outlet mall in Chicago, something I probably would have guessed if prompted, but wouldn't have thought of on my own.

This is the surrounding Dallas area from above.

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