I’m here!

So here I am! And here, in order, are my first 10 observations about Dallas:

1. It's really hot.

2. It's really flat.

3. It's really spread out.

4. I've never seen so many stars in one day.

5. The Mexican food is a lot spicier (and therefore, better) here.

6. The salespeople and employees here are really friendly.

7. Actually, everyone is really friendly.

8. People get dressed up to run errands and go shopping here, they take pride in their appearance, their state, their country, etc.

9. You can't buy liquor on Sundays here, and can't buy wine before noon on Sundays. (Apparently churches with communion services have learned to plan ahead).

10. The roads here are a nightmare to figure out. I thought I'm a pretty good driver, but learning these loops and underpasses, multiple intersections, etc., will be a challenge.

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One Comment on “I’m here!”

  1. Joe Says:

    Make sure you have communion every week 🙂

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