Grocery Shopping

As an obsessive-compulsive shopper who's read consumer reports religiously since I was 5 years old, there was no chance of me getting all my initial groceries at one store. My momma told me, you better shop around. So I split it up. First I went to Central Market, an upscale grocery store that prides itself on the freshness of its food, its organic and healthy selection, and its incredible variety of choices. After that, I stopped at Tom Thumb, which is more similar to what I'm used to– more of your typical grocery store. While it was kind of annoying that I couldn't easily find some basics like non-organic shampoo, Ramen noodles, etc., at Central Market, I'll definitely go back there. At least 4 separate employees came up to me and asked me if I was finding everything okay, and when the first one who asked learned I had just arrived at the store for the first time, she ran off to go find the plethora of colorful promotional and also useful materials below, including a colorful map of the store, a book about pairing wine with food, a grilling guide, a booklet detailing the newest herbal trends, a list of weekly specials, and a colorful menu of what's new in the store. Interesting though, that as soon as I leave Central Market, I flip on the radio and hear the public relations director for Tom Thumb announcing their involvement with the community as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle through various campaigns. PR in the grocery industry is very much alive in Dallas. Oh, and one last observation- there is a huge selection of organic products here, about 10 times as much as I'm used to- it's really unbelievable. Even in Tom Thumb, organic products could be found and were highlighted in just about every isle.

I may as well just start a library of Central Market literature out of my hotel room.

And surprisingly, I spent almost over $120 at Tom Thumb, vs under $90 at Central Market. However, the Tom Thumb trip was dominated by bathroom products and a Brita water pitcher.

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One Comment on “Grocery Shopping”

  1. Joe Says:

    Fascinating…I can NOT believe I just read your grocery receipts…lol

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