Waiting in Chicago

So how's this for an up to the minute post… I'm between connecting flights in Chicago. Wow, this airport is crowded with very limited seating. There's literally no place to sit here other than at your gate. Kind of boring, but on the plus side, I'm observing some interesting people and getting really into Steel's book, "Truth, Lies, and Advertising" (thanks, Jurene!). But now I'm taking a little break to do a quick post of my day so far. Can't wait until I'm there!

My dad and I at the Rochester Airport, saying goodbye

Ready to Take on Texas!

At the Chicago airport– I thought this was pretty cool

And here I am now

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2 Comments on “Waiting in Chicago”

  1. Joe Says:

    Sorry you had such a long delay in the windy city – can’t believe we finally met haha – you really do exist 😛

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Google news and reviews…

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