Some unusual ads I found

Ok, so I'm not in Dallas yet, but I came across these yesterday and thought I'd post them on here. My sister and I were looking through the Rochester phone-book for a place to eat when I discovered the first ad. Looks like they were pretty desperate to stand out amongst all the others in the restaurant section. It got my attention for sure, but we didn't really consider eating there. But maybe that's because we really wanted Mexican. I found the church sign photo on somebody's myspace page… not sure whether or not it was photoshopped, but it looks real enough, and I think it's just great. Church advertising must be a little bit more complicated… my family goes to church only every now and then. I'd guess it wouldn't make sense to advertise to regular churchgoers… I think if I saw this it would not only make me think about going to church, but it would make me want to go check that church out specifically.

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One Comment on “Some unusual ads I found”

  1. Joe Says:

    Ha Ha. Can’t wait…only hours separate us now!

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